"Whatever it is, it's dumping G-waves like a singularity — but the screens don't pick up any other anomalies…"
"Weird. But convenient. These Verpine grav-bikes'll be invisible with all that background noise. We'll just slip in and out without anyone being the wiser."
"Sure. Just like on Calgon…"
"But that wasn't my fault…"
―Two Rebel operatives, preparing to investigate odd activity at an Imperial asteroid base[src]

Calgon was a planet located in the Meridian sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Calgon was a planet, located with the Meridian sector's Calgon system in the Outer Rim Territories.[1]


Calgon was the site of a Rebel Alliance operation. Initially, the Rebels intended to achieve their objectives through the use of stealth, but things didn't turn out the way they had planned.[2]


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