"Shoulda known better than to look ol' Dirty Calgriz in the eye!"
―Calgriz, to Darth Maul[src]

Calgriz was a male Quarren who went by the nickname Dirty Calgriz. Sometime prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Darth Maul arrived on Nar Shaddaa looking for information on the Crime lord, Xev Xrexus. After Maul was warned not to continue asking questions by a bartender, Calgriz decided to step in and intervene. Calgriz was quickly thrown out of the bar by Maul after insinuating that Maul was a friend of the Jedi. Even without using the Force, Maul quickly outfought Calgriz and his posse. However, Calgriz blinded the Sith by spitting ink into his face. With Maul blinded, Calgriz aimed his blaster at the fallen Sith. Before Calgriz could take the final shot, Maul reached out with the Force and sent a dagger flying into the Quarren's chest, killing him instantly. Moments later, Calgriz's crew met a similar fate at the hands of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing.[1]


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