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Calico was an Xiytiar-class transport.


While leading a convoy of the Star Galleon-class frigates by Cloburi Freight, they were assaulted by probes of the TIE Experimental Project and sent a distress call. Luckily, the Defiance Task Force that transited through the Belat system intercepted the signal. Two A-wings were dispatched to investigate and protect the vessels.

They arrived in the middle of a battle, where starfighters looking like "some weird new TIE design" were ravaging a convoy. After moving to intercept the raiders, the pilots speculated that these new fighters might be a "secret weapon of the Empire". The Rebels also noted the presence of Beta-class ETR-3 escort transports far outside the battle zone, however these craft escaped into hyperspace when approached. Once the raiders were all destroyed or driven off, the A-wings returned to their rendezvous with the Liberty.



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