"Callos was like this: overgrown, teeming with life. And we razed the planet. It's a dead world now."
―Juno Eclipse remembering the Bombing of Callos[src]

Callos was a planet that was once teeming with animal and plant life. It was devastated by the Galactic Empire around 3 BBY.


The reclusive Callosians developed a sophisticated culture, centered on a lifestyle of scholarship and philosophy. During the Clone Wars, Callos remained a neutral planet.

Bombing of the planetary reactorEdit

In 3 BBY, Imperial forces under the command of Darth Vader attacked Callos, after discovering evidence that the Callosians were developing a new offensive technology intended to oppose those who were spreading the New Order. During the bombardment, Vader ordered his personal fighter wing, Black Eight Squadron, to destroy the Callos planetary reactor. Juno Eclipse, leader of the bombing squad, asked Darth Vader if there was an alternative to outright genocide. Vader replied that striking the planetary reactor would suffice. The destruction of this reactor unit started a catastrophic chain reaction, which destroyed the ecosystem of the entire planet. Though the atmosphere remained breathable, incessant ice storms and sub-freezing temperatures prevented any further permanent habitation. Of the Callosians who were away from the planet at the time of the attack, most defied logic and returned to their devastated home world, presumably to die.



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