The Arakyd Caltrop-5 chaff gun was a flechette-based sensor jamming device installed in Republic Jadthu-class landers that, under certain conditions, could double as a weapon.

The gun fired thousands of pieces of durasteel shrapnel, intended to cause sensor malfunction and overload. The weapon was not designed primarily for offensive use, and, against stationary targets that were reasonably well-armored, it lacked the velocity to cause significant damage. However, when fired at objects that were moving extremely quickly, the combined velocities could do extreme damage to the moving foe.

This tactic was used by Jadthu pilots during the Battle of Haruun Kal, where it proved highly effective against the masses of fast-moving Vulture droid starfighters.

Behind the scenesEdit

A caltrop is a small spike that can be dropped on the ground and will pierce the feet of people or animals that step on it or the tires of cars that move over it. In medieval wars they were scattered en masse to impede the advances of enemy forces.

Chaff canisters are used to create thousands of radar echoes that cause confusing readings on radar screens.



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