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"Didn't we save your papa's shebs at Caluula Station? Ask him if he remembers the funny folks in armor who were killing the vongese for him. It might jog his memory. And tell him Carid sends his best."
Baltan Carid, speaking to Jaina Solo[src]

Caluula Station was a space station known for as a haven for spacers in need of spare parts and environmental scientists who came to study the world it orbited.

Officially under the auspices of the New Republic military, Caluula Station came under heavy Yuuzhan Vong assault after the disastrous Operation Trinity. Because the nearby HoloNet relay stations were destroyed by the mabugat kan, the station was unable to raise New Republic reinforcements.

Han Solo's arrival following his failed rescue mission to Selvaris brought further Yuuzhan Vong attention to the station. They employed a ychna to draw out Solo, which subsequently destroyed the station. Prior to its final moments, Commander Garray, the station's commanding officer, evacuated most of the facility staff to the surface of Caluula where they prepared to defend against the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.



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