"Calvaria, do you have any proof that the Firewells trapped or harmed any creatures on our world?"
"Their ship contained many holograms of the creatures they planned to kill."
"Zoologists typically possess holograms of animals. Did you also find weapons and traps and cages on their ship?"
"No, Skull Queen."
"Calvaria! Do not tell me you may have wrongly accused this family!"
"They admitted they landed without our permission!"
"That crime does not merit the Trinity Stones! You should have simply ordered them to return to their own world.
―The Skull Queen, Quenelle, interrogates her daughter, the Princess Calvaria, about the punishment she meted out to the parents of Klay Firewell.[src]

Calvaria was a Human female who, in 23 BBY, was the 18-year-old princess of Nallastia. Her mother was the Margravine Quenelle, the Skull Queen of Nallastia, and she was raised in the Skull Queen's fortress on Mount Octan.


When the parents of the child Klay Firewell were brought to the fortress of the moon's Skull Queen to be condemned to sacrificial imprisonment within a megalithic energy-field, the Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker took Calvaria hostage in order to bargain for their release. Skull Queen Quenelle acquiesced, and after helping Skywalker's Master Obi-Wan Kenobi locate the Lost Stars of Nallastia to free Klay's parents, Calvaria was released.[1]

Calvaria and Quenelle both professed a stated desire to wed Kenobi, despite the former being betrothed to prince Alto of the Raptor Clan. Calvaria was truly in love, however, with a mechanic named Rench, and secretly traveled to nearby Fondor to meet with him. Brought up as Princess of the Skull Clan, she had always wondered how beings might regard her if they did not know she was royalty. While on a trade mission to Fondor she had met Rench and introduced herself as Klara, an aide to the Margravine Quenelle, which wasn't so very far from the truth. Calvaria had not expected to fall in love with Rench, and she felt guilty for having deceived him about her true identity.[2]

Before Calvaria could tell him the truth after fleeing from her mother's fortress, however, the spaceport Rench worked at was taken over by Groodo the Hutt. In the melee, Calvaria was abducted by the last FX medical assistant droid left standing after Jedi Master Mace Windu took his lightsaber to Groodo the Hutt's Droid Control Army. Quenelle and the Jedi Bultar Swan, Windu, and Kit Fisto at last liberated the spaceport and Calvaria was rescued by Windu.

Back at her mother's fortress, the Princess rested in her chamber on what was to be her wedding day to Prince Alto, when a visitor called—it was her beloved, Rench the mechanic. He immediately disclosed to her that he had no idea that she was the Skull Queen's daughter and she apologized for having deceived him, but he guessed that she had done so with the hope that Rench would fall in love with her only for her and not her regal position. He, too, then asked for her forgiveness, because his name, he revealed, was not in fact "Rench," but Alto, Prince of the Raptor Clan. There would be happy wedding that day, after all.[2]


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