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The Camarina Connection was a pirate faction that had its origins in the Eyttyrmin Batiiv group. After the destruction of their parent organization, these pirates found backing from former Imperial dignitaries and unscrupulous New Republic racketeers, and from their factory ship Black Lotus, they became the center of a galaxy-wide plan to produce and distribute the combat drug pentabenzedralyne. The gang's members were scattered all across the galaxy, and operated on all levels of society, from Senators to street kids. As well as the drug project, they were involved in a range of criminal activities, including sabotage, kidnapping, industrial espionage and extortion.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Camarina Connection appear only in an issue of the French RPG magazine Casus Belli, and although material from this issue—including the design of the Black Lotus—is closely associated with the French-illustrated comic adaption of Heir to the Empire, the canonical status of the other content is unclear.