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A camera was a type of device that captured light and processed it to produce a photograph, a 2D representation of a specific event.

In the early period of the Galactic Civil War, a passenger for the Star Tours interstellar traveling agency brought aboard a camera among their luggage. It was eventually discovered in the x-ray scanners by the security check-in droid G2-9T, and mistaken for a type of alien weapon. The camera then activated, causing the droid to panic and then tell the scanner to destroy it. After learning that the device was a "camera," he was confused as to what it was as well as slightly irritated. In the pre-boarding video for the Star Tours' StarSpeeder 1000, a Human child also used a camera with the flash option activated at a Mon Calamari and Wookiee passenger, disorienting them, resulting in his mother scolding him.

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Behind the scenesEdit

A camera was first used by the Human Lurdo on Endor in the non-canon Star Wars Infinities tale "What They Called Me".

It eventually got an "appearance" of sorts in canon with the ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, although only twice: First as an image in a random piece of luggage in the x-ray scanner equipment that G2-9T was overseeing, and later destroyed, and second in the video that aired just prior to the Star Tours ride allowing passengers onto the ride.

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