"The Rebels fell back to the capitol building, and their leader, General Camon Udeon, read from a manifesto as his small band of terrorists prepared a last-ditch defense."
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General Camon Udeon was a male member of the Gerrard V military in 0 BBY. Along with other members of the military, Udeon led a band of rebels in an armed insurrection on Gerrard V, capturing the capital city of Harazod. An Imperial Navy task force under the command of Admiral Jion Trynn was despatched to the planet to restore order.

Udeon's small navy was defeated in orbit, and fierce fighting forced the rebels back to the capitol building in Harazod. Admiral Trynn offered terms of surrender to Udeon, but the General refused the terms by shooting the courier. Trynn then ordered the orbital bombardment of Harazod's urban center.

Udeon's group was suspected of having ties with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but Admiral Trynn could not confirm or deny his suspicions until Udeon or other leaders had been captured on interrogated.


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