"Warfare is the product of cowardice; it takes bravery to forego easy answers and find peaceful resolutions."
Padmé Amidala[src]

The Campaign against Republic Militarization were a series of speeches and tours made by Padmé Amidala in 23 BBY to oppose the Military Creation Act.

One of the stops at the University of Commenor, where she indicated that those in favor of the Act were cowards, provoked strong criticism from the Stark Veteran Assembly.

The final speech was at Chommell Minor in the first month of 22 BBY.

She planned to make a speech before the deciding vote in front of the Senate relating to the campaign, although it was later delayed by a standard day due to an attempt on her life as well as security reviews, and later delayed indefinitely due to Padmé, at the insistence of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, going into hiding at her homeworld of Naboo, much to her chagrin. Although Padmé suspected that former Jedi Count Dooku had been behind the earlier assassination, she nonetheless heavily implied when revealing her survival to the Senate body that the one responsible for the assassination attempt had been one of the pro-Military Creation Act senators.

Behind the scenesEdit

Her speech was depicted in the HoloNet News feature "BREAKING NEWS: Amidala's Alive", and the speech itself was intended to be shown in the actual film, although it ended up cut before the final release.