The Candorian plague was an airborne plague. During the Republic Dark Age, an epidemic of the disease wiped out as much as two-thirds of the population of some cities. During the Draggulch Period it depopulated Rimward colonies of The Slice.[1]

It was later cultivated by the Galactic Empire for use against rebellious planets. It was extremely contagious to Humans, leading to a speedy, agonizing, certain death. In 46 BBY, the total loss of the Bandorian colonies left the disease no way to propagate, and it was believed to be extinct until used by the Empire against the planet Dentaal, which had just expelled Governor Taliff and declared independence. It killed hundreds of thousands in the capital of Calif City within the first few hours of its appearance; within two days, it had killed ten billion people, sweeping over the entire Kindelian continent. The entire planet was depopulated within two months, and the Empire claimed that the plague was a Rebel plot. The storm commandos, led at the time by Crix Madine, were the ones directly responsible for unleashing the plague on the planet under the Emperor's orders, which acted as the final straw leading to Madine's defection shortly thereafter, although he was still wracked with guilt for his involvement.

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