"Death to the unbelievers!"

Canduri was a female Human who was a member of the Believers during the time of the Clone Wars.


Canduri was a member of a Believer cell on the floating city of Ipsus, on the planet Genarius. She was based in a secret Believer research lab, where the Believers were developing a virus that was fatal to Caarites. When a group of Caarites came to destroy the lab, Canduri fled with a sample of the virus. However, just after escaping, she encountered the heroes of Cularin. On seeing them, she raised her blaster and tried to trigger a security system, so that she could attempt to escape.

Personality and traitsEdit

Canduri believed that she was Force-sensitive, even though she wasn't, so regularly tried to use Force grip against her opponents. She also hated the Jedi, wanting to kill Caarites and having a desire to rule the galaxy.