This article is about the Ship. You may be looking for cannibalism.

The Cannibal was Barosa Warren's personal starship while he was the manager of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School.


The ship derived its name because its construction cannibalized parts of other ships, commonly incompatible parts. The main parts came from almost thirty different manufacturers; the manufacturers of the minor parts were countless. The hull itself combined those of a Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-class patrol and attack craft and a Ckratar Crafts Venturer-class freighter. The power converters had been stolen from Koensayr Manufacturing, the primary sensor array was from Primarin Starshipwrights Union, and the two flight computers came from a Gamma-class assault shuttle.


Warren obtained the ship or its part as a payment from a student who had a talent for ship design and repairs, but not for finances. He quickly became the personal owner of the ship with his friend Casti Tholon as first officer.