"We're through!"
―Cantompa and Zhios report their success in opening the hangar's doors[src]

Cantompa was a human male fleet trooper within the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the war he served on board the Herald, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer tasked with hunting down the Imperial traitor Everi Chalis. While on board the Star Destroyer he earned the trust of its Captain, Tabor Seitaron, and when Chalis surrendered herself to the Empire in the atmosphere above the planet Sullust, he chose Cantompa and his colleague Zhios to accompany him and Prelate Verge to meet with her and take her prisoner. Upon the group arriving in the hangar where Chalis had landed, she offered Verge all of the information she had gathered on the Alliance in exchange for a pardon. Verge refused and reacted violently, causing Chalis to trigger twenty ion bombs she had hidden onboard the shuttle she had arrived in.

The ion bombs caused the Herald to lose enough power so that it could no longer safely remain in Sullust's orbit, and the captain ordered Cantompa and Zhios to rush to the bridge and order a retreat. The pair found that the doors to the hangar had been disabled by the bombs and had to override them and force their way through. Verge then ordered that instead of telling the bridge crew to pull the Herald out of orbit, they should give the order to fire on the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, who were fighting on the planet below. This order would lead to the deaths of all onboard, and Cantompa and Zhios froze, unsure of what to do. Chalis and Verge then began fighting and in an attempt to kill Chalis, Seitaron accidentally killed Verge. Seitaron then repeated his original order for the troopers to run to the bridge and have the Herald retreat, which Cantompa and Zhios rushed to do.


"Do you expect her to storm out, rifle blazing?"
―Verge sarcastically comments on Seitaron's choice to have fleet troopers accompany them to Chalis's surrender[src]

Cantompa was a human male who served as a fleet troop in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the war, he served onboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald, serving under Imperial Prelate Verge and Captain Tabor Seitaron, who had been tasked with tracking down the Imperial traitor Everi Chalis. During the hunt for Chalis, Tabor came to appreciate Cantompa and his colleague Zhios, as they attended to the captain when he took sick from a change in his diet and stood for hours on end on guard duty outside the Star Destroyer's tactical center.[1]

When the Herald finally caught up with Chalis she and the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry were on the planet Sullust, having captured the Inyusu Tor mining facility from Imperial ground forces stationed there. After the Star Destroyer destroyed the Sixty-First's transport, the Thunderstrike, Chalis chose to give herself up to the Imperials during the midst of the Siege of Inyusu Tor, in which Imperial ground forces were attempting to recapture mining facility from the rebels. Chalis traveled alone in a shuttle to the Herald to offer her surrender, and Seitaron chose Cantompa and Zhios to accompany him and Verge to the hangar where she would land as he trusted them and hoped that if there was any honor to be had in her capture then the two fleet troopers deserved it.[1]

The two fleet troopers scoped out the hangar after her arrival, and after one gave the all clear, the prelate and the captain proceeded to enter while the troopers kept their blaster rifles aimed at the shuttle's open entry point. Chais emerged un-armed with her hands raised in surrender, greeting Verge and Seitaron, the latter of whom she had know while serving the Empire. She mocked the prelate but then offered to divulge all she had learned about the Alliance while traveling with them in exchange for a pardon. All eyes in the room then turned to see how the angry prelate would react, and Verge stepped forward and threw Chalis to ground and rejected her offer. In response, Chalis detonated twenty ion bombs she had stored aboard the shuttle she arrived in.[1]

Although all of the Herald's vital systems were shielded, the bombs caused enough power loss to put the starship in danger, as it was holding position in Sullust's atmosphere which required full power to maintain. Seitaron attempted to use his comlink to order the ship to pull out of the atmosphere, but found the communicator had been disabled along with all other nearby electronics. He then ordered Cantompa and Zhios to carry the order to the bridge, but the pair found the doors to the hangar would not open and removed the control panel to begin searching for an override. They managed to open the door a crack as Chalis continued taunting Verge, but were thrown to the ground as the Star Destroyer lurched unsteadily. Verge then began beating the traitor, but the troopers continued with the work and managed to open the door enough for one of them to try and squeeze through.[1]

Verge then stopped the troopers before they left for the bridge, ordering that they should tell the bridge to concentrate all fire power on the Rebels below instead of retreating, planning on sacrificing the Star Destroyer and all its crew in order to deny their opponents victory. Chalis then hit Verge and the pair began to fight, while Cantompa and Zhios stood by unsure of what to do in response to the prelate's suicidal orders. Seitaron then fired at the two combatants hoping to kill Chalis, but missed and instead fatally wounded Verge. The captain then ordered the guards to tell the bridge crew to pull the Star Destroyer out of orbit, and they scrambled out of the hangar immediately. The Herald successfully escaped Sullust's orbit, but left the Rebels to claim victory on the surface. Seitaron released Chalis soon after so that she could disappear and take the blame for the prelate's death.[1]

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Cantompa earned Seitaron's trust while serving with him on the Herald, as he stood by while Verge mistreated other crew members and did not object. He also aided the captain when he was ill and held guard duty tirelessly for many hours with Zhios. While accompanying the prelate and the captain to meet with Chalis, Cantompa was uncertain how Verge would react to Chalis's offer of intel, and stared at him rather than the traitor. After Verge gave orders that would lead to the deaths of his entire crew, Cantompa did not immediately obey, standing confused until after the prelate's death when Seitaron gave new orders instead.[1]


Cantompa wore a black Imperial Navy fleet troopers uniform including a helmet and carried a blaster rifle.[1]

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Cantompa first appeared in the novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, which was written by Alexander Freed and released in 2015.


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