Cape Regret was a small town in Lamaredd, far away from the capital Bartyn's Landing. People from Cape Regret sometimes traveled to Bartyn's Landing, which was "the big city" for them.[1]

Cape Regret had a port and also received traffic.[2] C. 69 BBY, the fugitive Byrch Dyshkava escape from the local jail of Bartyn's Landing and intended to go to either Cape Regret or Farsands, another city of Lamaredd.[1] Later, c. 29 BBY, the procuress Miss Mylla wanted to send a cargo, really a young Human courtesan, to Cape Regret. This woman, who aimed to leave her current career with Mylla's blessing, was to meet one of Mylla's business contacts in Cape Regret.[2]

The dockmaster Howe Walwahd, who lived in Bartyn's Landing, had a cousin operating a freelance trawler in Cape Regret.[1]



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