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"Capital City is where you'll find the most people on this world. It's where people run the businesses of Lothal."
―Ezra Bridger[src]

Capital City, also known as Lothal City, was the main population center on Lothal, a planet in economic disrepair that had invited the Galactic Empire on the promise of prosperity and security.


Founded by Lothal's original colonists, Capital City was established on the site of the planet's primary trading outpost. It was a simple city, resembling many other trading hubs on the fringes of the galaxy, consisting of single- and two-story prefabricated buildings. At the heart of the city was the Old Republic Senate Building, where the planetary government assembled to govern and administer to the economy of the agriworld. Expanding outward, rather than upward, new structures were built with local stone and simple materials like plasteel that was imported.[1]

When the Clone Wars ended, the Galactic Empire responded to pleas from the beleaguered planetary government and established a permanent presence in Capital City. Using eminent domain laws, the Imperial Governor seized property at the center of the city and demolished the simple structures, laying the foundations for Imperial-style skyscrapers. Depopulating entire sectors of the city to make way for industrial and military buildings, the Empire employed mass arrests and violent crackdowns to supplant local insurrections and maintain the peace. With half of the city replaced by the Imperial government, the city's landscape was a mix of architectural types. Imperial patrols maintain a strict curfew, and abuse of the locals was frequent and violent. Imperial recruiters for the Imperial Academy often met in the marketplaces of Capital City, attempting to bring in new students to serve their Empire.[1] Imperial patrols did not stop some, such as the young con artist Ezra Bridger, from disrupting such efforts through sabotage and destruction of Imperial property.

Capital City was the home of both Zare Leonis and his girlfriend Merei Spanjaf. Among other institutions, it hosted the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences ("AppSci"), the Empire's Academy for Young Imperials and the Vocational School for Institutional Security.[8] The town's outskirts hosted the Ake's Tavern, later used by the criminal cartel known as the Gray Syndicate, while its industrial quarter had a number of old warehouses, such as 1044 Chapel.[9]

Capital City was defended by nine gunnery stations of four anti-air turbolaser towers each.[10] One of these gunnery stations was destroyed during the Attack on Lothal in 1 BBY when all four of its turbolaser towers were destroyed by the Spectres and the Lothal resistance.[6]


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