The Caprioril Massacre was the name given to the incident where an assassin droid, targeting Governor Amel Bakli, reasoned that they most effective way to eliminate its quarry was to kill all 20,000 attendees at a swoop race on the Core World of Caprioril. Swoop racer Ignar Ominaz also perished in the attack.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Amel Bakli was killed in the Caprioril Massacre, which also claimed the life of Ignar Ominaz. Ominaz appeared in Star Wars Galaxies; while no specific date for the events in the game is given, it is set between the Battle of Yavin, occurring in 0 ABY, and the Battle of Hoth, which occurred in 3 ABY. Additionally, The Star Wars Sourcebook, which states that both Bakli and Ominaz were killed, is set in the same time frame. As Bakli and Ominaz are stated to be dead before the Battle of Hoth, the Massacre must have occurred in the indicated three year time frame.
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