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"Han Solo. I'm captain of the Millennium Falcon."
Han Solo[src]

In civilian life, a captain was an individual who was in charge of a starship.[3] In military organizations such as the Imperial Navy[16] or the Royal Naboo Security Forces,[19] a captain was an officer of high rank with leadership responsibilities.[16][19]

Military organizationsEdit

Galactic RepublicEdit


A clone trooper naval captain, wearing the rank insignia plaque of a captain

In the Galactic Republic, officers in the army and navy used the rank of captain.[31][34]

Many clone navigation officers, some of whom held the rank of captain, wore a single-rowed plaque, with two red and one blue square (from left to right).[34] In the Grand Army of the Republic, the standard Phase I clone troopers who held the rank of Clone Captain were distinguished by red markings on their white armor.[31]

Galactic EmpireEdit

Rank insignia black

An imperial captain, wearing the rank insignia plaque of a captain

In the First Galactic Empire, there were captains only in the Imperial Navy.[22][3][16][35]

On the Imperial insignia plaque of the rank, there were three red colored squares over three blue,[16][22] or alternatively, a single row of of six yellow squares,[22][3] or three blue squares followed by two red.[22]

Alliance to Restore the RepublicEdit

Rebel captain badge

The command insignia of a rebel captain

In the Alliance to Restore the Republic there were captains both in the army and the navy.[22][3][16][35]

On the insignia of a rebel captain, there is two colored pips over each other.[22][3][16][35] The color of the pips (red or blue) indicates the branch of service.[36]

This is true of the early rebellion as well.[37]

First OrderEdit

In the First Order, there were captains only in the navy.[21][38]

The First Order ranks were marked by a combination of uniform color and arm insignia, worn on the left sleeve of the uniform.[21] The First Order captains were wearing a gray uniform with a black armband edged in silver, bearing the name of a particular Imperial hero of the Galactic Civil War, Dillon depicted in silver Aurebesh letters.[38]


Resistance Army Captain badge

The command insignia of a Resistance Army Captain

Resistance Navy Captain badge

The command insignia of a Resistance Navy Captain

In the Resistance, there were captains both in the army, and the navy.[38]

The rank badge of the Resistance captains bearing a colored vertical line. The red colored is in the army, while blue is in the navy.[38]


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