A stormtrooper Captain of the Guard on Skye.

The Captain of the Guard was a title given to a commander of troops. In the Onderonian military, the title was given to three concurrent individuals. In 3951 BBY, it was held by Bostuco, Riiken, and Gelesi, who inherited the title upon Sullio's death.

The Senate Guard of the Galactic Republic and the Empire also used this rank and its holder answered directly to (and was likely appointed and dismissed by) a Senate committee.

Jesra Loture served as Captain of the Guard during the Separatist Crisis and Clone Wars.

The same title was used by the stormtrooper officer in charge of the guard at Kharys's fortress. The Rryatt Ceremonial Guard on Kashyyyk was also led by a Wookiee of this rank.[1]



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