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The Captisons and the Thanases were an important political family of Bakura, containing several senators and prime ministers. The Captisons may have been descendants of Arden, founder of Bakura; he was hinted at being either grandfather or great-grandfather of Dol and Yeorg.

The Captison family, like the majority of Bakurans, were all adherents of the Religion of the Cosmic Balance. Of exceptional note among the family were:

Family tree

                                  Deredith Arden
                                        + (3 or 4 generations)
                              |                   |
 Tiree Captison---+---Yeorg Captison       Dol Captison---+---Marga Captison
                                                  |                |
                       Pter Thanas--+---Gaeriel Captison    Ylanda Captison
            (see Skywalker family)  |
                     (adopted)      |
                          |         |
                         Malinza Thanas


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