The Capture of Doogal Belstar was an operation carried out by the local Keren police force with the aid of agents of the Royal Naboo Security Forces commanded by Typho.


The criminal organization known as the Maulers posed a serious threat to the peaceful citizens of Naboo in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. One of their number was Doogal Belstar, who at that time was one of the most wanted men on Naboo. The otherwise undermanned Keren police force having been bolstered with the same RSF agents who successfully had raided the Skaak Tippers and killed one of their prominent leaders, Typho decided to attempt to capture Doogal.

The operationEdit

Typho suspected that the Maulers might know the whereabouts of Belstar and sent the RSF agents to see if they could get any information out of a group of Mauler Apprentices. The effort resulted in fighting between the RSF agents and some of the Maulers. Then, having defeated the Maulers, the RSF agents found a map of Naboo with a location marked. The RSF agents met up with RSF officer Nok who informed them that Belstar had been seen doing something near that location, and thus they might find further information regarding Belstar's whereabouts on that location. At the location they found a package revealing Belstar's location. Traveling to the location, they encountered Belstar. Aggressive as he was, they saw no option but to defeat him in battle, and managed to kill him and a number of other Maulers before returning to Typho.


Despite this setback, the Maulers continued their criminal activities, and the RSF agents were sent on a number of missions to thwart them before being placed under the command of Pooja Naberrie.