Cardacs was a lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance.


Cardacs served in the Outer Rim Territories before transferring to the Independence. His first mission was to rescue some prisoners, including his friend Samuel Raider, who escaped on Genue from the penal colony at Mytus VII. Although the mission was successful, Cardacs was killed in action when his R-22 Spearhead was destroyed by TIE Fighters from the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Intrepid. Raider initially held Cardacs's flight leader, Keyan Farlander, responsible for his death but later realized that there was nothing he could have done.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cardacs is the wingman (the A-wing that escorts the player) in ToD II: Mission I: 'Rescue at the Stars' End' of the game, although he is not mentioned in the narrative. It's indeed very difficult, if not impossible, to save him from the incoming TIEs, therefore this loss is canonized in the strategy guide.