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The Neuro-Saav Corporations Cardio-Muscular Package was a cybernetic enhancement designed to augment a recipient's heart and lungs, and to provide muscle reinforcement. Rybcoarse-based enhancements allowed the muscles of the body to work harder with less effort. The end result allowed the cyborg to run faster, withstand more damage, obtain incredible endurance, and harness a peerless strength at three times the human norm. The package included a Neuro-Saav Q-2 artificial heart and Ex-Musc enhancement.[1]

With this tireless hyper-exertion came a drawback though; often a recipient would feel invincible, and would become brash and prone to self-destructive behavior in an effort to push themselves to their absolute limits. Recipients had to be careful that they didn't fall into this behavior or risk destruction.[1]

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