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"Understand, please, as Caretaker of the Tower of First Knowledge, my responsibilities include all of the old lore."
Astaal Vilbum to Mace Windu[src]

The Caretaker of First Knowledge was a title used to denote the leader of the Council of First Knowledge throughout the history of the Jedi Order. As leader of the First Knowledge Council, the Caretaker had direct oversight of the Jedi academy on Coruscant and its satellite facilities, and was tasked with the protection of the Jedi Archives and its Holocron Vaults deep within the Jedi Temple.[4]

Over the history of the Order, there had been over fourteen generations of Caretakers, each one contributing their insights to the Council and overseeing the curriculum at the academy. After the Ruusan Reformations of the Galactic Republic were enacted, Jedi Consular and Chief Librarian Restelly Quist was appointed to the position, using her authority to help reconstitute the Order's teachings following the long period of war.[1] Several centuries later, Jedi Master Astaal Vilbum held the title, and presided over the awakening of the holocron of Volfe Karkko; an event that had not occurred for thirteen generations of Caretakers.[3]



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