The cargo tanker was a long-distance freight haulage solution designed by Virella Systems for use in conjunction with several classes of Xizor cargo containers. In this respect it was similar to Virella Systems' other widespread cargo vessel, the cargo freighter.


The main body of the ship was divided into two sections: a powerful, broad three-engine drive unit at the front coupled to a substantial crew cabin at the rear. In between these two sections was slung a series of the modular Xizor Transport Systems cargo containers, connected via a small, flexible coupling section. The Cargo Tanker had immense hauling power, and it was able to easily pull long chains of even the Class-J cargo container.

However, with this capacity came the need for protection from piracy. The Cargo Tanker lacked any form of offensive capability, possessing neither laser cannons nor warhead launchers. The ship was equipped with a strong defensive shielding system. Its hull was also robust, with more than twice the durability of the cargo freighter.


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