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"Space station Valor, this is Colonel Meebur Gascon. Can anyone hear me?"
Meebur Gascon[src]

Valor was a space station in orbit of Carida during the Clone Wars. At the height of the war, the station was the site of a Republic fleet strategy conference.



Valor being pelted by debris from the destroyed cruiser Renown

The space station had three large docking arms around a central superstructure.[1] It was similar in design to a Star Tours space station that operated later on, during the Imperial Period.[3]

Each of the 3 docking arms, consisted of 3 hangars making a total of 9 ship hangars. The central superstructure was a facility dedicated for strategic planning and was protected by turrets and turbo lasers.


During the Clone Wars, the star base hosted a Republic fleet strategy conference.[1] During the conference, the station was targeted by Separatists, who filled the derelict Republic cruiser Renown with explosives and sent the ship through hyperspace to destroy the station. The members of D-Squad, a covert droid Republic Military unit lead by Colonel Meebur Gascon, found themselves on board the deserted cruiser after traveling from the planet Abafar.[4]

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According to Insider 138 the station's design was based on the station featured in Disney's Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride.



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