"Dealing with a Caridan merchant is a lot like trading with a nomadic water-seller on Beheboth. You'll get what you pay for, but only just, and you'd better check your purchase for sand lice."
Myrette Davani[src]

The Caridan were a mammalian species of Carida. Average Caridans stood over two meters tall and possessed dense musculatures due to Carida's high gravity level. They spoke Caridan and most also spoke Basic. Caridan society was structured around a mercantile culture led by an active market and Caridan owned industrial firms. In fact, the Caridans were widely known for their appraisal and bartering skills. The Caridans cooperated with the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire in the operation of the Academy of Carida. The Empire's xenophobia ignored the Caridans outside the Imperial compound, although tensions grew after the Battle of Yavin. Many Caridans vanished from the galaxy with the destruction of Carida at the hand of Kyp Durron. The few Caridans that survived were off-world as traders, New Republic operatives, or fringers. Notable Caridans included Imperial Ambassador Furgan of Carida.