Carli was a Human male who served as an Imperial stormtrooper stationed at a smelting plant on the planet, Golrath.


In 3 ABY, Carli and his fellow trooper, Scraper discovered a wall of broken bedrock, the properties of which transmitted holographic images of the Rebel Alliance forces that once inhabited the base prior to Imperial occupation. They both reported their findings to their commanding officer, Lieutenant Mils Giel. Presumably, they both died when Golrath Station was destroyed when a Rebel force led by Princess Leia Organa destroyed the base to prevent the Imperials from using the holographic recordings to discover Alliance secrets.

Physical appearanceEdit

Carli was not one of the numerous stormtroopers bred from the genetic line of Jango Fett. He had short, closely cropped, brown hair and was frequently seen lounging about, smoking cigarras during his off-hours.


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