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The Carrion Spike was a corvette and the personal starship of Moff Wilhuff Tarkin while he was stationed at Sentinel Base in the Outer Rim Territories. This ship was based off of the design of the stealth ship used during the Clone Wars. It was captured by the disaffected former Republic Intelligence agent Berch Teller and his rebel cell. Berch used the Carrion Spike in a campaign against Imperial space stations, in which its abilities were unparalleled. Later the ship was abandoned by the rebels at Carida after they discovered their inside source within the Empire, Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, was planning a betrayal.

The Carrion Spike suffered unknown damage after its abandonment, perhaps committed by the dissidents to keep the ship out of action. For the loss of his ship, the Empire gave Tarkin the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Executrix. However, by 3 BBY, the ship had been restored and was back in Tarkin's possession. In 7 ABY, the Carrion Spike was discovered in the abandoned Rothana Imperial Shipyards by Terex, who became the leader of the Ranc gang and later an agent of the First Order's First Order Security Bureau. The starship served as Terex's personal transport during his campaign against the Resistance starfighter pilot Poe Dameron and his Black Squadron. The Carrion Spike was destroyed by the First Order after Terex embarked on an unsanctioned campaign to destroy the Resistance.


"Sienar Fleet Systems wasn't the only contributor. The company's design is all over the corvette, but every shipbuilder from Theed Engineering to Cygnus Spaceworks played a part in outfitting it."
Black Squadron vs Carrion Spike

The Carrion Spike under attack from Black Squadron

The Carrion Spike was designed specifically for and in collaboration with Moff Wilhuff Tarkin by Sienar Fleet Systems and several others. It was triangular-shaped, just under 150 meters in length and heavily armed with turbolasers, ion cannons and proton tubes.[1]


Her Class One hyperdrive made the ship the fastest one in the Imperial Navy, while her state of the art navicomputer allowed the corvette to travel from the Outer Rim to Coruscant without reverting to realspace to retrieve routing data from relay stations or hyperwave beacons. By contrasts, less advanced ships had to exit hyperspace to check navigation data while traveling from one system to another.[1]

Stealth, armaments, and other systemsEdit

The Carrion Spike's ion turbine sublight arrays and countermeasures suite were also state of the art. Based on a prototype stealth corvette introduced during the Clone Wars at the Battle of Christophsis, the Carrion Spike was equipped with a cloaking device powered by stygium crystals that was able to render the ship invisible to almost all scanners and the naked eye. The Sith Lord Darth Vader was able to navigate the ship at some point, but only because he could track his meditation chamber which was on the ship.[1]

The Carrion Spike was equipped with several laser cannons which were controlled by battle computers. The Resistance technician Oddy Muva was able to lock the crew out of the ship's control systems on one occasion and use it to destroy Terex's "Uglies". The ship was also equipped with several escape pods.[3] The Carrion Spike's bridge could seat three crew.[6]

Terex & Phasma

Terex's slave harem aboard the Carrion Spike

Terex's modificationsEdit

The First Order agent Terex installed a luxurious suite aboard the Carrion Spike. He housed several alien slaves, who each served a purpose. The suite house a hologram unit which Terex used to communicate with Captain Phasma.[2] Terex also had a special chamber storing a collection of Imperial helmets and blasters as well as his Ranc gang armor, which was a modified stormtrooper armor set. Terex also could use Authorization Code TK-603 to disable the ship's communications, engines, and weapons systems.[5] The only way to regain control of these systems was to replace the central computer systems, a huge undertaking that could only be done in deep dock. The ship also had an internal communications system which allowed the bridge crew to contact Terex's personal chamber.[6]


Tarkin as a Moff

Moff Tarkin, first owner of the Carrion Spike

Age of the EmpireEdit

The Carrion Spike served as the personal transport of Tarkin during the Imperial Era. In 14 BBY, the Carrion Spike was stolen by the former Republic Intelligence agent Berch Teller and his rebel cell. Teller desired to destroy Tarkin for his role in the Antar Atrocity, which saw the large scale slaughter and arrest of numerous civilians. Teller and his cell used the Carrion Spike to attack Imperial space stations during a brief campaign. They were aided by Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, who wanted to use the rebel insurgency to gain favor with Emperor Palpatine and elevate himself to Moff. The rebels abandoned the Carrion Spike on Carida after realizing they had been double-crossed by Rancit. Ultimately, Teller and his rebels were outsmarted and captured by Tarkin with the help of Darth Vader, who eliminated Rancit.[1] At some point afterwards, the ship was retrieved and restored. By 3 BBY, the ship was back in regular use as a transport by Tarkin; he traveled in it on a surprise visit to Alderaan, claiming to the Organas that it had suffered unexpected engine trouble.[8]

Terex and the First OrderEdit

Terex no helm

Terex, First Order agent and Ranc gang leader

At some point following the death of Tarkin during the Battle of Yavin, the Carrion Spike ended up at the Rothana Imperial Shipyards. In 7 ABY, the Carrion Spike was discovered by the former stormtrooper Terex, a survivor of the Battle of Jakku. Terex along with the former stormtrooper Corlac had joined a criminal organization called the Ranc gang. Terex was determined to restore the Old Empire and recognized the Carrion Spike as Tarkin's former flagship. He set about repairing the ship's engines, life support, cloaking device, surveillance, and weapons. Using the ship's surveillance systems, he was able to eavesdrop on a conversation between Corlac, Bett, and Wenda. After learning that Corlac and the others planned to kill him, Terex used the Carrion Spike's laser cannons to incinerate the command deck where they were meeting, killing them.[6]

Terex then took control of the gang and became a notorious crime lord in that region of space. After his underlings ambushed a cargo vessel, they submitted a set of stormtrooper armor from the First Order.[6] By 34 ABY, Terex had become an agent of the First Order Security Bureau. Terex fitted the Carrion Spike with a luxurious personal suite, that was staffed by several alien slaves, who served his every whim.[2] These slaves including the Abednedo Sowa Chuan, the wife of Muva had been kidnapped by Terex to use as leverage against people he considered useful.[9]

Terex was aboard his personal suite on the Carrion Spike when Phasma contacted him via hologram and assigned him with capturing Poe Dameron, who had stolen information that treacherous New Republic Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor had been trying to pass to the First Order.[2] Later, Terex offered to fly the crime lords Papa Toren, Kan Be, and Isin away from Megalox prison on the Carrion Spike if they helped him to kill Dameron and his Black Squadron while storming Grakkus the Hutt's fortress.[10]

After Dameron and Black Squadron escaped offworld with Grakkus, Terex contacted the crew of the Carrion Spike to arrange a pick-up. Abandoning his former crime associates to Megalox Beta's high gravity, Terex used the ship to ram through the Megalox space station, disabling the gravity shield around Megalox prison. As the prison guards departed in shuttles to evacuate the prisoners, Terex ordered the Carrion Spike to open fire on them. Black Squadron however turned around and inflicted heavy damage on the Carrion Spike. As a result, Terex reluctantly acceded to crew's request that they cloak and retreat into hyperspace. Later, Terex disobeyed Phasma's orders to return to First Order Space and instead decided to continue his campaign against Dameron and the Resistance.[4]

Return to the Ranc gangEdit


The Carrion Spike above Kaddak surrounded by Terex's "Uglies"

Following the events at Megalox, Terex's First Order crew completed repairs to the ship. However, Terex refused to inform his crew when they would be returning to First Order Space. After reflecting on his past experiences during the Battle of Jakku, Terex received news from his crew that Phasma was seeking a report into the events at Megalox Beta. Terex shot the interface comm unit and activated Authorization Code TK-603, which locked the First Order crew out of the communications, engines, and weapon systems. He then took the ship to the Outer Rim world of Kaddak, the headquarters of the Ranc gang.[5]

Terex landed his ship at The Sliver on Level 72, where his crew attempted to restart the communications, engines, and weapons systems. They were unable to do so since they needed to replace the central computer systems, an operation that could only be done in deep dock. After killing Wisper and retaking control of the Ranc gang,[11] Terex returned with his gangsters who took over the ship. The First Order corporal objected that the Carrion Spike was First Order property. However, Terex responded that he would use the Ranc gang to destroy the Resistance. Terex then took his ship for a spin and ordered the inhabitants of Kaddak to capture Dameron.[6]

However, Dameron managed to escape with C-3PO and the BX-series droid commando N1-ZX aboard the T-70 X-wing fighter Black One. Terex's crew managed to lock onto Poe's X-wing using the ship's advanced sensors. Muva stowed aboard the Carrion Spike[6] in an attempt to rescue his wife.[9] In space, Terex commanded a fleet of "Uglies", starfighters cobbled up from various ships, from the bridge of the Carrion Spike. He informed his fellow Ranc colleagues including Zumgi and Brrang that they would attack Dameron's starfighter once he had dropped back into realspace. Terex's plan was to follow Dameron back to the Resistance base and destroy the Resistance. Terex had misled Dameron into believing that N1-ZX contained intelligence on the location of Supreme Leader Snoke.[12]

Last stand against the ResistanceEdit

First Order Ranc Gang Black Squadron desert wold

The Carrion Spike and the Ranc gang's fleet were destroyed by the First Order

Later, Phasma contacted Terex by hologram and ordered him to abandon his mission on the grounds that Snoke had forbidden open hostility by the First Order military against forces aligned with the New Republic. Terex ignored her orders and switched off the transmission. He then had Chuan serve him a drink. Meanwhile, Muva ambushed Zumgi in the Carrion Spike's corridors and ordered the gangster to take him to his wife. Meanwhile, Dameron realized Terex's plan to lure him into a trap and exited hyperspace above an uncharted desert world. Terex realize that Dameron had outsmarted him and commanded his "Uglies" to kill the Resistance pilot. Taking damage, Poe's X-wing crashed-landed on the desert world.[12]

While Terex led a landing party to hunt down Dameron and the droids, he left his lieutenant Brrang in charge of the Carrion Spike and his fleet of "Uglies". Muva managed to reunite with Chuan. After freeing the other slaves, Muva wanted to confront Terex only to learn from Zumgi that the crime lord had descended to the surface. Shortly later, Black Squadron arrived in their starfighters and sighted the Carrion Spike and its "Uglies." Gambling they had the upper hand, Brrang ordered the other Ranc gang's "Uglies" to attack Black Squadron.[9]

During the subsequent dogfight, Muva and the slaves manages to escape in escape pods. Before leaving, Muva locked the crew out of the control systems and ordered the ship's battle computers to target any ship without a Resistance transponder. Black Squadron protected the escape pods but lost one of their pilots L'ulo L'ampar to enemy fire. Eventually, Terex's crew managed to regain control of the Carrion Spike which launched a frontal attack on Black Squadron. However, a First Order Maxima-A class heavy cruiser exited hyperspace with a complement of TIE/fo space superiority fighters and destroyed the Carrion Spike, killing all hands aboard. The First Order had dispatched forces to apprehend Terex for defying the First Order and embarking on an errant mission. Dameron handed Terex to Commander Malarus and taunted him about the destruction of his flagship.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Carrion Spike first appeared as Grand Moff Tarkin's personal transport in James Luceno's 2014 novel Tarkin, which explores the eponymous character's origins story in the new Disney Canon continuity. The ship's story was further explored in the Marvel Comics series Star Wars: Poe Dameron, which is set before the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. The Carrion Spike's story was written by Charles Soule while the ship was illustrated by Phil Noto.



Notes and referencesEdit

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