"He's resisting arrest."
Grand Moff Trachta[src]

Carsan was a Human Imperial Army officer and part of the Anti-Sith conspiracy. He was responsible for training Grand Moff Trachta's clone stormtroopers.


Just weeks prior to the Battle of Yavin, Carsan became involved in the Anti-Sith conspiracy, a plot devised by the power-hungry Grand Moff Trachta to overthrow Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Carsan oversaw the creation and training of a special unit of clones loyal exclusively to the conspiracy. Although these troops were essentially drones, Carsan was proud of his work and even treated them as though they were his children, a fact that earned him the scorn of Trachta.

To ascertain whether the clones would carry out any order made by the leaders of the coup, Trachta accused Carsan of sedition, and he was killed by the stormtroopers he had just presented to the Grand Moff.

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