Cartha was a male Human pilot serving with Black Squadron during the Battle of Yavin.


The Human male Cartha was the son of Count Phennir, and the elder step-brother of Turr Phennir.[3] He joined the Galactic Empire, serving as a TIE pilot in Black Eight Squadron under the command of Juno Eclipse, where he acquired the callsign "Chaser." Cartha was nominated by Eclipse as her successor to the command of Black Eight Squadron, but was over looked in favor of Redline, who was noted to be a callous, if not outright psychopathic leader. Chaser stayed on in Black Eight Squadron, flying in fourth place.[4] Cartha was part of the elite 61st Squadron at the Battle of Yavin.[2] He was killed during the battle by Alliance to Restore the Republic pilot Wedge Antilles.[1]



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