The Cartoon Network logo.

Cartoon Network is a (primarily) children's television network that originally broadcast the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3D series, the LEGO short films LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick, LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2, LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace, LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out and the Robot Chicken: Star Wars, Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, and Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III sketch comedy specials (the latter three via the network's late-night "Adult Swim" programming block).

Cartoon Network is part of the same company (Time Warner) that encompasses Turner Network Television, which broadcasts the 3D animation television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the Warner Bros. movie studio which distributes the Star Wars: The Clone Wars motion picture of the same name.


The Cartoon Network logo, R2-D2 style.

A commercial ident bumper for the network (primarily shown before the Clone Wars series) has R2-D2 using one of his tools to turn "Cartoon Network" into "Artoo Network."

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