Case File 1142-235-3721 was the case file maintained by the Coruscant Security Force on the known criminal, Vistis Garn.

Behind the scenesEdit

The case file was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If the Republic character decides to terminate Vistis Garn, a message from the Coruscant Security Special Investigation Panel is sent to the player's inbox. The message states:

Source:  Star Wars: The Old RepublicAttribution:  not available

Case File #1142-235-3721

An investigation into the above referenced case file, re: the wanted felon going by the street name "Vistis," revealed evidence to indicate the subject was legally terminated by a member of the Jedi Order pursuing official Republic business, specifically the search for stolen top secret military research files.

Given your recent activities on Coruscant, the investigatory panel has determined you to be the most likely individual responsible. As a result of your actions, the panel has deemed you eligible for the reward that was offered for the arrest of the above referenced criminal.

Thank you for your service.
Coruscant Security

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