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"Governor Tarkin—Moff Tarkin, back when he was merely Commander Tarkin, was personally instrumental in frustrating Count Dooku's propaganda efforts. I know this to be fact because I was the case officer who supplied him with counterintelligence operatives."
―Dodd Rancit[src]

A case officer was an intelligence officer who recruited operatives and managed their activities. During the Clone Wars, Dodd Rancit was a case officer with the intelligence agency of the Galactic Republic. As such, he notably supplied Commander Wilhuff Tarkin with counter-intelligence operatives. After the Republic was reorganized into the first Galactic Empire by Sheev Palpatine, the new Imperial Security Bureau (or ISB) also made use of case officers. One of them, Stellan, recruited the Koorivar spy codenamed "Bracchia".[1]


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