Cass Maston was an Imperial Security Bureau field agent who was assigned to the Brak sector during the Galactic Civil War.


He was a staunch supporter of the New Order and volunteered for service in the ISB. After his training he served in the Genesia system for a number of years in the Surveillance. During this period he received several commendations for exceptional service. He was subsequently transferred from Surveillance to Investigation were his mission changed from watching the activities on crimeworld of Genesia to actively seeking out Rebel sympathizers and agents throughout the Brak Sector where he rose to become the top investigations agent.

During his time in the Brak Sector Maston was less successful than he was in previous assignments. This was not surprising since there was less Rebel activity compared to Crime in the sector. When he discovered a Rebel sympathizer or operative, he was instructed to report the individual(s) to the ISB. However Maston was invested with the power to pursue further investigation how he saw fit. He also had the jurisdiction to call upon local military forces if required.