Cassander Tadrin was a male space explorer who discovered a star and planet in what became the Cassander system one hundred years before the fall of the Galactic Republic. He then went on to form the colony which would expand to become the Cassandran sectors. Prior to the discovery he was the head of a giant, privately held Esselian conglomerate that controlled 24 agriworlds.


Cassander Tadrin was known in the galaxy to one of the most a wealthiest businessmen. A century before the Clone Wars began, he served as the the leader of a large and private conglomerate on the planet of Essel that controlled 24 agriculturally used worlds. Finally, Tadrin launched a research venture in which he sent numerous reconnaissance droids to comb out previously unexplored regions in the galaxy. Finally he got the desired results: various undiscovered worlds with great resources. Therefore, he now began to dissolve the conglomerate and sold the possessions of the company. After this step, he sought out tens of thousands of loyal followers and workers and began an expedition with their families to the newly discovered worlds he inhabited. Cassander became the capital of his new empire, which he called the Cassandran Worlds. Gradually, his influence spread to many other systems, eventually adding to mineral resources or other resource-rich worlds such as Garqi, Minashee, New Bakstre, Biitu, Forsen, Isiring, and Monhudle to over 100 other planets in the Cassandran worlds. Eventually, Tadrin Cassander passed away, but the worlds continued to develop and eventually became an important part of interstellar commerce.


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