"There will certainly be an opportunity to have an exquisite dessert called Vagnerian canapés. There is often a debate as to what pairs best with them, but let me assure you, only plebeians drink Cassandran brandy with them. The two flavors do not complement each other, and the brandy should never be drunk simply to wash down a dessert. I would recommend simple black caf."
Haydnat Treen[src]

Cassandran brandy was a type of exquisite liquor produced by the inhabitants of the Cassandran sectors. Unlike most brandies, it was actually worth the arcane procedures indulged in by dedicated brandy enthusiasts; however, the average drinker was unlikely to find it to be better than the Cassandran's other major alcoholic beverage, Cassandran choholl.[1] Senator Simon Greyshade enjoyed Cassandran brandy, and Master-Com offered the drink to the high-rollers he entertained on The Wheel.[2]



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