Cassius Nolath Rha was a Sevari spice lord during the Galactic Civil War. He governed the spice rich Equatorial Belt of Sevarcos II. He was quite trim for his age and, to many, was considered a paragon of health and strength.


Lord Rha's Mountain Keep

Lord Rha's Mountain Keep.

A ruthless rulerEdit

Cassius Nolath Rha was known for his ruthlessness, owning an impressive slave galley called the Andris Moon, which was operated by hundreds of slaves. He also had several fortresses, residing in one placed on the border of the Northern Frontier. Rha commanded a small unit of fanatically-loyal bodyguards called the Spice Blades, whom he controlled and manipulated, using black spice.

Relations with the EmpireEdit

Rha was by far the most powerful spice lord of his time, much to the envy of Xerxes Quintas and Trevael—having cut a profitable deal with the Galactic Empire, allowing them to establish space mining prison colonies and mine excessively for spice and paying him a considerable amount of credits for it. He would constantly be courting to the Imperial planetary commandant to maintain his "good" relations with the Empire. In reality, however, he did not care much for the Empire, using it instead as a tool for his own wealth.


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