CasusBelli 89

Casus Belli 89 was a French roleplaying magazine from October/November of 1995. It contained many roleplaying articles, including a significant amount of material for the West End Games Star Wars D6 system.

This issue contained an introductory text written by Jean Balczesak, titled "La Nouvelle République : Une autre époque pour Star Wars" ("The New Republic: another era for Star Wars"), a series of character and starship statistics titled arrière-plan étoilé ("Star-Spangled Background") by Philippe Rat with Jean Balczesak, and "Statue" quo à Sluis Van ("'Statue' quo at Sluis Van") an adventure scenario set on Sluis Van in 7 ABY and featuring Thrawn, Mara Jade and Talon Karrde, again by Philippe Rat with Jean Balczesak.

This issue of Casus Belli is of note for featuring artwork by Fred Blanchard, and for supplying stats for ships that would subsequently appear in Blanchard's art for the comic-book adaptation of Heir to the Empire. Illustrations in the adventure scenario, however, were supplied by Rolland Barthélémy.

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