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Cavin Chistor was the son of governor Barnab Chistor


Cavin had joined his father’s staff after studying politics on Coruscant for several years. While on Coruscant, Cavin worked for Lavina Durada-Vashne Wren, Cularin sector’s representative in the Galactic Senate and on the Gadrin starport project. He and and Dexx Molay ran the Syndicate. The two desired to gather as much power and wealth around them as possible and arranged for expertly forged documents to fall into Imperveri’s hands, documents that showed a strong financial relationship between Barnab Chistor and the Metatheran Cartel. While these false documents would not stand up to a thorough investigation, they would be good enough to cause Governor Chistor trouble. The pair planed to control a large percentage of trade entering and leaving Gadrin when the port was finished.

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