"Caysin Bog. Victim of aforementioned unhinged psycho. Note the hand. Damn. Couples mean complications."
―Aphra's notes on Bog, including his history with Evazan and relationship with Posla[src]

Caysin Bog was a humanoid male from a high-gravity world. He was blown apart in an insurgency strike on the moon Jedha, only to be surgically pieced back together by a surgeon calling himself Roofoo. Bog was present in Jedha City in 0 BBY and witnessed an attack by the Partisans on an Imperial patrol shortly before the city was destroyed by the Galactic Empire's Death Star superweapon.

Bog managed to avoid being killed by the Death Star and following the Battle of Yavin, he was working as a mercenary with his lover Tam Posla. The pair accepted a job from the Son-tuul Pride crime syndicate to travel to the planet Skako Minor under the command of Doctor Chelli Aphra. Once on the world, the mercenary group was led into an Imperial trap by the Skakoan Hallio Bas; however, Aphra managed to kill Bas and the Imperials with an exploding tooka.


Bad luck on JedhaEdit

Caysin Bog during Jedha skirmish

Caysin Bog witnessed an attack by Saw Gerrera's Partisans on the moon Jedha.

A male humanoid originating from a high-gravity world, Caysin Bog was blown apart during a raid by the Partisans, a rebel group led by the insurgent Saw Gerrera, on the moon Jedha. He survived his injuries thanks to the work of the surgeon Cornelius Evazan, who, under the alias Roofoo, pieced Bog back together using techniques similar to those he used to create the subservient Decraniated cyborgs.[1]

In the year 0 BBY,[3] Bog was present in Jedha City and stood to the side of a street near[4] Gesh's Tapcafe[1] to make room for an oncoming Imperial patrol that included a[4] TX-225A Occupier tank.[1] As Bog waited for the patrol to pass, a group of Partisans ambushed the Imperials and began hurling explosives at them, causing the nearby civilians to scatter in fear. The Imperial forces were evacuated from the city shortly after, allowing the Galactic Empire to destroy the settlement with the Death Star superweapon.[4]

Merc workEdit

Aphras crew

Bog worked as part of a mercenary crew for the Son-Tuul Pride.

Bog managed to escape Jedha City prior to its obliteration,[2] and following the destruction of the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Yavin,[5] he was working as a mercenary alongside the former Milvayne Authority officer Tam Posla, with whom he was in a romantic relationship. Posla was obsessed with hunting down Evazan for his crimes, and was using pay from his mercenary work in order to fund this goal.[2]

The pair were amongst several mercenaries who accepted a job to travel to the planet Skako Minor for the Son-tuul Pride criminal syndicate on the planet Son-tuul. The group waited for their leader Doctor Chelli Aphra[2] in a patrol transport[2][6] near a settlement on Son-Tuul and while in the vehicle, Bog and Posla sat together holding hands as Posla listened to music. When Aphra arrived she scanned and read up on each member of her new crew, noting Bog's history with Evazan and his relationship with Posla.[2]

A trap on Skako MinorEdit

"…conquest, experimentation, petty acquisition…"
"An unrepentant villain!"
―Bog and Posla discuss Aphra's crimes[src]
Posla and Bog on Skako Minor

Bog and Posla worked for Aphra on Skako Minor.

Before the group could leave for Skako Minor, Aphra was tasked with choosing one member of the team to leave behind, as together they weighed too much for the ship to take off. When Imperial forces began surrounding the transport and demanding its occupants disembark, the doctor ordered Viscount Rabael Dir Glorio to prevent them from reaching the ship; however, as the viscount fought against the Imperials, Aphra piloted the ship with Bog and the others on-board away and left Glorio behind.[2]

Upon reaching Skako Minor, the group began following their Skakoan guide Hallio Bas, whom they believed was going to lead them to the workshop of deceased Techno Union leader Wat Tambor. Instead, Bas led them to a clearing full of Imperial stormtroopers with whom he had a deal to bring looters. Before the Imperials had a chance to execute Bog and his comrades, Aphra begged that they spare her pet, the genetically spliced tooka clone Flufto. Bas took the pet from her in order to later eat it, after which the doctor uttered a code phrase that caused the tooka to explode and kill the Imperials and Bas.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Best not disturb him, miss. He's got his happy tunes on."
―Bog warns Aphra of disturbing Posla[src]

What skin Bog had left after his cybernetic reconstruction was fair in color.[1] He entered into a same-sex relationship with the mercenary Tam Posla, and upon meeting Aphra warned her not to disturb his lover as he was listening to what Bog referred to as "his happy tunes". While on Skako Minor, Bog informed Posla of Aphra's criminal history.[2]


Following his cybernetic reconstruction, Bog lacked a head, instead having orange and white cybernetics built around his neck. His legs and lower abdomen were also replaced with cybernetics, which left a portion of his guts exposed around his waist. Bog carried a blaster while on Jedha.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Caysin Bog Trailer

Caysin Bog appeared in the first teaser trailer for Rogue One.

Caysin Bog first appeared in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[4] debuting in the first teaser trailer, which was released on April 7, 2016.[7] The trailer scene featuring Bog was not used in the final release of the film, although he can still briefly be seen during the Jedha City ambush. The character was not named in the film[4] but received identification in Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, a reference book written by Pablo Hidalgo[1] and released on the same day as the film, December 16, 2016.[8]



Notes and referencesEdit

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