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"CeeCee" was a Human female who served as a captain with the Galactic Alliance Guard. She was stationed aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Anakin Solo as of 41 ABY, during the last days of the Second Galactic Civil War.


"CeeCee" was one of the contingent of Galactic Alliance Guard officers that was stationed aboard the flagship of Darth Caedus during the Battle of Uroro Station. When Jaina Solo boarded the vessel in order to kill her brother, she took CeeCee prisoner, exchanging uniforms with her so as to pose as the GAG captain while infiltrating the ship's prison, looking for Prince Isolder. After making it into the Anakin Solo's infirmary, Jaina encountered the wounded Mandalorian Mirta Gev, who asked for a blaster in order to keep CeeCee and a pair of GAG enlistees "quiet".

As soon as Jaina left the room, however, Gev shot CeeCee and two GAG guards also being held captive.

Behind the scenesEdit

"CeeCee"'s informal name is derived from the first and middle initials of her name tag. Her true name is never given.



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