"Good shooting, Norley! Old Tech Sergeant Hooly would be proud of that shot!"
―Cee Norley, after shooting down an Imperial skimmer[src]

Cee Norley was a Human female Rebel who was trained by Tech Sergeant Hooly.


In 5 ABY, she accompanied Jedi Master Qu Rahn to Dorlo. When Jerec's forces intervened, she agreed to stay behind and create a diversion while Rahn and his party tried to escape. After destroying an Imperial skimmer with a missile launcher, she was killed by a blaster shot through her chest while being held in a Force choke by one of Jerec's Dark Jedi. Duno Dree felt attracted to her.

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the audio adaptation of Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, she was voiced by Virginia Burke.