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"Never again will we fear the Jedi!"
―Grand Vizier Mas Amedda[src]

Shortly after Order 66, a public rally was held on Coruscant to celebrate the destruction of the Jedi Order. The celebrations were led by Grand Vizier Mas Amedda, who presented the speech to a massive audience on the steps of the old Jedi Temple. The main event of the celebration was the incineration of the dead Jedi's lightsabers, including that of Grand Master Yoda, whose lightsaber was personally thrown into the flames by Amedda. Subjected to the searing heat, the kyber crystals within the lightsabers were unable to withstand it and exploded angrily in a great burst of blue light, forcing those closest to cower away in shock. The event was overseen by Emperor Palpatine and his newly christened apprentice Darth Vader. While the event occurred, they discussed the history and creation of Sith lightsabers and Vader was given the task of constructing his own by Palpatine.[2]


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