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Celestial Dancer was a YT-2000 light freighter.


The Dancer was used during the Galactic Civil War on Pamorjal by the Pamorjal Freeman's League, a resistance group that opposed the operations of mega-corporations on the planet. In 3 ABY, some members of the league attacked a group of Rebel Alliance fighters and destroyed their ship, as they had been tricked by Thaum Rystra into believing that the Alliance posed them a threat. The League members soon realized their mistake and gave the Dance to the Alliance agents, to replace their lost ship. They flew it to a distant system and confronted Rystra there.

They continued to used in over the next few years, following the establishment of the New Republic. In 7 ABY, they flew it to the Tascollan Nebula, where they confronted Rystra again, inside the Temple of Pain, which they landed the Dancer in.


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