"He was ferocious. Honestly, there was a point where I thought I was done for. But my power is beginning to help me innately. I intuited a feint, and, ignoring it, was able to counter his death blow and seize an opening—a fatal thrust through the neck."
―Jaesa Willsaam[src]

Cendence was a Male Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire. He was assigned to systematically hunt down light Sith and torture them into death or darkness. However he also tried to use the position to get rid of his rivals. When approached by Jaesa Willsaam, a Sith apprentice with the unique Force ability to discern any being's true nature, granted a mandate by her Master, the Emperor's Wrath, to hunt down light Sith, she realized that he was a fraud. Cendence, on the other hand, recognized that Willsaam's power would validate his work and attempted to recruit her to his side, suggesting that she frame her Master as a light Sith. However, Willsaam refused to betray her Master, before laughing in Cendence's face and bested him. Afterwards, with the support of the Dark Council's emissary, Caliqu, she took up his mantle.


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