The Cendiary Priests were a group of Force-sensitives among the people of Weik, a planet deep in Wild Space that was long disconnected from the civilized galaxy.


A mendicant order formed on the planet Weik, the Cendiary Priests were craftspeople who dwelt within Fume, a city located within the Bowl of Glass deep within the Ordan Spine Mountains. The priests used the Force to forge tools which were stronger then those crafted by a common blacksmith. Additionally, the priests tended to the city's incendifers, great duracrete aquifer-like constructs that carried lava instead of water. Using secret rituals to conjure the power of the Force, the priests could smooth cracks in the duracrete with a touch. As an order that did not accept payment for their services, Cendiary Priests accepted alms from those grateful citizens and humbly accepted housing in a smithy's home as payment for work completed in their forge.[1]


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