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Centax-2 was a sterile moon of Coruscant.[1]


In 41 BBY, Clee Rhara tried to establish a Jedi starfighter corps on the moon, but the project was canceled by the Galactic Senate after it was sabotaged by Vox Chun and Tarrence Chenati.[3]

During the Clone Wars, Centax-2 was used by the Republic for military staging and fleet maintenance. In 21 BBY, agent Besany Wennen was investigating future clone Kamino payments for Mereel Skirata but instead found out that Spaarti cloning facilities were being built on Centax-2, and that Arkanian Microtechnologies was permitted to establish facilities there.[2]

By the time of the Blockade of Corellia in 40 ABY, it hosted a Galactic Alliance starfighter training squadron base and was used by the New Jedi Order as a training facility.[4]

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