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A Central Control Computer was a computer designed to operate droid crews. It could be used to coordinate the usage of tactile computer systems and communications stations, or to provide tactical information and remote user control for a variety of purposes.[1]


By 32 BBY, Central Control Computers were utilized in Droid Control Ships operated by the Trade Federation. The Central Control Computer allowed remote Neimoidian operators to orchestrate an invasion of the planet Naboo with computer-automated commands. The destruction of the Droid Control Ship and Central Control Computer forced all B1 battle droids involved in the invasion to enter a stand-by hibernation mode, proving the weaknesses of such a system.[2][1]

Later B1 models would do away with this flaw, however many Confederate warships and stations continued to utilize older OOM-series battle droids and other models requiring the use of a Central Control Computer.[1]


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